Defending Educators Against Allegations Of Inappropriate Student Relationships

If you’re an educator, the mere hint of an inappropriate relationship with a student can send shock waves through your life. Suddenly, you’re facing a storm of uncertainty. Your teaching license, your reputation and your career are all at risk. Even your freedom may be at stake if the allegations escalate to criminal charges of sexual misconduct. We understand the gravity of these accusations and the turmoil they can bring.

At Bilello & Soowal, PLLC, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the practice of Florida education law, with a focus on defending the licenses of teachers like you. We’re the go-to attorneys for educators throughout Florida in K-12 schools as well as colleges and universities, both public and private. Our commitment is to stand with you during this trying time. We offer our legal knowledge, vast education law experience and determined advocacy to safeguard your professional future. With offices in Orlando and Deerfield Beach, we represent teachers nationwide.

When Educator-Student Relationships Go Too Far

The Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida strictly prohibit any exploitative relationships with students. This rule applies even in college settings where there might not be a significant age difference between a teacher and an adult student. Accusations of teacher misconduct involving inappropriate relationships with students might include:

  • Boundary violations
  • Inappropriate communication, including text messages
  • Romantic relationships
  • Physical misconduct
  • Sexual involvement

In many cases, these accusations are false or exaggerated. Even when students later retract their statements, the wheels may have already been set into motion.

Take This Critical Step To Protect Yourself And Your Career

It’s critical to protect yourself in the face of these allegations by seeking legal counsel. If law enforcement becomes involved, remember your right to remain silent. Do not give statements, answer questions or participate in interviews without an attorney present. Silence is your ally until you have legal representation.

You also need a lawyer when allegations escalate to investigations by the school or Florida Department of Education. These inquiries can be intricate and intimidating. We understand the process and the many potential angles for mounting a fierce defense. We can work toward a favorable outcome, such as a settlement, and help shield you from potential criminal charges.

Take Action To Protect Your Teaching Career

The moment you learn of allegations against you, reach out to us at 866-335-1513. We’ll strive to clear your name and preserve the career you’ve worked so hard to build.