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It can seem morbid to think ahead toward your death, but it is a practical consideration for every adult in Florida. The sooner you create an estate plan, the better you can feel about providing for your loved ones if you pass away unexpectedly.

To create an estate plan or update an existing one, you can rely on Bilello & Soowal, PLLC We have a team of dedicated estate planning attorneys – Nathan Soowal and Chelsea A. Bilello – who work hands-on with people every day to create customized estate plans. Our firm has convenient offices in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

What Should I Put In My Estate Plan?

Every estate plan should have a few common documents, although the details of these documents vary widely from person to person. Some of the options to include in your estate plan include:

  1. A last will and testament: This document states how to distribute your assets to your beneficiaries.
  2. A durable power of attorney: If you lose your capacity, your durable power of attorney can make legal decisions for you.
  3. Advance health care directives: You can use a health care directive to direct your course of medical treatment if you cannot communicate.
  4. Guardianships and conservatorships: You can name someone to act as your guardian or conservator if you cannot care for yourself after a medical emergency.
  5. Trusts: Through trusts, you can preserve your assets and avoid probate in many cases.
  6. Special needs trusts: The assets in a special needs trust can provide for the care of someone you love who has special needs.

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to any legal issue, estate planning included. Instead, we sit down with you to discuss your unique needs and challenges, then develop solutions tailored to you. First, we will become familiar with your family life and financial situation. Then, we can discuss drafting the documents you need.

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