Advocacy And Consulting In Education Law

The shared goal is education, but with so many stakeholders, there are bound to be conflicts and competing interests. At Bilello & Soowal, PLLC, we stand up for the rights of students and teachers. We help schools ensure a conducive learning and working environment. We help all parties resolve disputes and move forward.

Our founding attorney, Nathan Soowal, is an experienced litigator with a focus in general education law and special education law. We handle a broad spectrum of education issues in public, private and postsecondary school systems throughout Florida.

Knowing how urgent and stressful these matters can be, we strive to be available and responsive to our clients. Call us today at 866-335-1513.

Administrative And Academic Appeals

We represent students, faculty and administrations in due process appeals of grievance decisions and adverse actions such as:

  • Academic suspension or probation
  • Dismissal from a program of study
  • Failing grade or disputed grade
  • Denial of tenure or promotion
  • Nonrenewal of staff contracts

When disputes cannot be resolved through administrative channels, Mr. Soowal is prepared to advocate for plaintiffs or defend institutions in court appeals.

Legal Support For Students And Staff

Having counseled all sides of education matters, our lawyers understand where the lines are drawn and where the disconnects occur. This helps us advocate effectively for elementary through high school students and their parents, college students, teachers and support staff who need legal assistance with the following issues:

  • Disciplinary hearings (suspension or expulsion)
  • Discrimination or sexual harassment claims
  • Failure to accommodate disabilities
  • Florida’s anti-bullying law (Stand Up for All Students Act)
  • Failure to provide special education services
  • Invalidated ACT or SAT scores due to cheating allegations

Counsel To Higher Ed Institutions

Administrators and governing boards of colleges and universities must navigate an evolving legal landscape. Early intervention by an experienced attorney can prevent prolonged and expensive negotiations and the potential for damaging and disruptive media coverage. We provide advice and representation to higher education institutions for:

  • Administrative investigations and grievances
  • Collective bargaining and union matters
  • Clery Act compliance
  • Title IX compliance
  • Litigation defense

Proactive measures can avoid many issues. We help postsecondary schools proactively review and update student code of conduct documents and academic policies to come into compliance or stay ahead of the curve.

Reach Out Today For Capable And Compassionate Help

The educational system can be complex and intimidating. We try to make it more accessible and manageable for everyone. You can count on our attorneys to listen, troubleshoot possible solutions and pursue the best course of action. We welcome inquiries throughout Florida. To set up a free consultation, call 866-335-1513 or email Bilello & Soowal, PLLC.