Dedicated To The Rights Of Students And Teachers

The founder of our firm, Nathan Soowal, is an experienced attorney practicing in the state of Florida. Nathan founded Nathan Soowal, P.A., to represent individual clients and assist them with their educational law problems regarding public and private schools and higher education institutions. As a dedicated education lawyer, Mr. Soowal can help you protect yourself or your child’s rights, the employment rights of teachers, deal with school officials, and navigate bureaucratic steps needed to file complaints and have institutions meet their obligations. Litigation attorney Chelsea A. Bilello joined our growing practice in 2022. To read more about our attorneys, click on the links below:

Passionate Advocates For Our Clients

Mr. Soowal and Ms. Bilello are dedicated to ensuring students’ rights are upheld and making sure they are protected. We have spent much of our time representing students in school disciplinary proceedings while helping parents through an exceedingly difficult time in their family’s life. We are not intimidated by school officials and use diplomacy and sensitive negotiations when we find a student’s rights and interests have been treated unfairly.

In addition to assisting clients in navigating the complexities of Florida education law, our attorneys are experienced litigators who have handled numerous commercial and teacher employment disputes at the state and federal levels.

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