Navigating An Investigation By The Florida Department Of Education

As a teacher, your educator license is indispensable for your profession. When you’re facing allegations of misconduct, a lot is on the line. It’s scary and stressful to learn that you’re under investigation by the Florida Department of Education.

You have the right to a lawyer during the course of the investigation and any subsequent disciplinary proceedings. You can turn to our education attorneys at Bilello & Soowal, PLLC, for diligent advocacy. We are passionate about defending teachers in your shoes, and we have the experience and knowledge to represent you capably.

The Investigatory And Disciplinary Process

The Office of Professional Practices Services, part of the Florida Department of Education, is responsible for investigating allegations of educator misconduct and reporting their findings to the Commissioner of Education. If the commissioner determines that the allegations are baseless, the case will go no further.

If the commissioner decides that further action is warranted, your case will be referred to the Education Practices Commission for further disciplinary proceedings. The commission has the power to suspend or revoke your license.

What’s Involved In The Investigation?

The initial investigation is a critical part of the disciplinary process. Investigators may conduct:

  • Interviews with students, other teachers and witnesses
  • Audits of any relevant school records
  • Reviews of personnel files
  • School visits and observations

Investigators must comply with detailed requirements and guidelines. They must also maintain a documented chain of custody with regard to any evidence gathered.

Now Is The Time To Enlist A Legal Ally

Don’t wait to hire an attorney until the investigation is concluded or disciplinary proceedings are underway. We can intervene early to protect your rights and advocate for a favorable outcome.

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