A Caring Team To Help You With Special Needs Planning

To provide a high quality of life for someone in your life who has special needs, it is best for you to plan proactively. Bilello & Soowal, PLLC, provides outstanding service for people throughout Florida who have someone with special needs in their life. We have offices conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

What sets us apart is the hands-on approach that we take with our clients. With two experienced attorneys on our team, we can assist you with all aspects of special needs planning, including:

It often feels overwhelming for caregivers to tackle special needs planning on their own. Allow us to help you. The sooner you begin planning, the more tools you can implement to give your loved one a stable and high-quality life well into the future.

What Is A Special Needs Trust?

One of the difficulties of receiving public benefits is lowering one’s assets to qualify for them. A common option is to place money and other assets in a special needs trust. They can use the trust for their everyday needs or care but the assets do not disqualify them from public programs. With our extensive knowledge of the law and various programs available, we can preserve you or your loved one’s assets while helping them qualify for public benefits.

Discuss Matters With A Lawyer In A Free Consultation

Whether you have begun planning for your relative who has special needs or you need to get started, our compassionate lawyers will explore your options. You can schedule a free, no-risk initial consultation by contacting us. To begin, please call us toll-free at 866-335-1513 or send us an email.