Avoid losing your license by knowing the renewal requirements

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | General Education Law

Maintaining your teaching license means not only following all the rules and abiding by regulations but also ensuring you keep up with continuing education and other renewal requirements. If you do not meet all the renewal requirements, you will face losing your license.

The requirements include submitting an application and having specific continuing education and professional development hours.

Continuing education requirements

The state mandates that you have at least six semester hours of college credit during your renewal period. At least one of those hours must be working directly with students with disabilities.

You must complete these hours before the expiration of your license, and you must complete them with an approved institution within the state. To qualify, your grade in the course or courses must be at least a C, pass or satisfactory.

You may be able to use other activities to substitute for actual college hours, such as in-service hours or exams.

Application form and fees

You also must complete a renewal application. This must include all documentation about continuing education. You must also pay a fee with your application.

You should note that it is imperative to check with your school district to see if it has additional requirements for renewal. The state cannot tell you this information, and it is your responsibility to ensure you meet all requirements set forth by the state and your district. You should make sure that you complete all requirements prior to the date of your license expiration to avoid delays or issues with renewal.