Florida movie case conclusion raises concerns for teachers

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | General Education Law

It may feel frustrating to keep up with law and policy changes. However, that frustration can turn to fear when someone’s job is on the line. As Florida continues to alter and shift its educational policies, this is increasingly apparent for Floridian teachers.

As CNN reports, a recent complaint from a school board had a teacher under investigation and recently closed with results that raise questions about the future.

A complaint over LGBTQIA+ topics in school media

A school board member reported a 5th grade teacher showing a Disney movie that involved an openly gay character. The teacher defended herself and insisted that the purpose of the movie revolved around ecology and environments.

However, due to recent legislation over parental rights and school topics, this report was enough to merit an investigation.

The school board’s investigation recently closed and the school states that the teacher violated staff policy by showing media without prior administrative approval.

The Florida Department of Education’s investigation for inappropriate conduct remains open.

A lack of awareness over policy change

The teacher claims she felt the permission slips that all students signed proved approval enough. However, a recent policy change bumped up the administrative approval requirement to her grade. She claims she did not know of the policy change.

A teacher charged with inappropriate conduct has a lot to lose. Teachers may even feel like their teaching licenses risk termination. There are resources available to any teacher attempting to defend themselves over complaints and allegations about inappropriate conduct.