DUI and teaching licenses

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | General Education Law

Teachers might face disciplinary action or complaints for sexual misconduct, lapses in professional ethics or causing harm to students. We have defended licenses in many of these situations.

There is also an entirely different category of mistakes that could land you in trouble: problems that happen off campus. This could include convictions for driving under the influence.

More than your driving license could be in jeopardy

A DUI conviction could severely restrict driving privileges. It also could affect your professional licenses.

Handling a criminal case alongside an administrative disciplinary action is probably not going to be easy for you. To make matters more complicated, you also still have to provide the same quality education that you always have for the students who depend on you.

We have helped many teachers in Florida through similar processes. We find that attention to detail and an understanding of how to manage all of these priorities often have a positive effect on the outcome.

Understanding the entire process after a criminal conviction or plea

After you get a conviction or plea to a charge of DUI, there is a chance that you would face disciplinary action at your school. This typically involves a hearing. The Department of Education might tack action against your license. There are various types of discipline available, such as:

  • Letters of reprimand
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Suspension
  • Permanent revocation

The main issue here is that there is a patchwork of rules across the state. Different schools and districts have different guidelines on how to act when teachers brush with the law.