How Office of Professional Practices Services investigations work

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | General Education Law

When you make your living working as a Florida educator and someone accuses you of misconduct, you may find yourself the subject of an Office of Professional Practices Services investigation. The main point of the investigation is to determine if you broke a law or violated the terms of the Principles of Professional Conduct. If so, the next step involves determining whether you should face disciplinary measures as a result.

Per the Florida Department of Education, the investigation involves a multi-step process. Once someone opens a case against you, you receive a notification about the case. So, too, does either the school where you work or the school district you work in.

What to expect during the investigation

The investigation, itself, might involve gathering facts, interviewing witnesses and victims, and otherwise securing information that may prove pertinent to the case. You, the educator, then have a chance to review the information compiled and explain or rebut anything therein. If there is “clear and convincing evidence” that an offense or violation took place, the next step involves determining if the offense or violation warrants taking any action against your teaching license.

What outcomes you may face following an investigation

If the investigation determines that there is probable cause to take disciplinary action against you, you may face any number of different outcomes. For example, your teaching license may undergo suspension or revocation. If it does, you, your legal representation and the school or school district employing you all receive notification about the change.

If the department does decide to take action against you, the details surrounding the action and your offense are then going to appear on a disciplinary action website maintained by the Office of Professional Practices Services.