What might lead to a loss of a teaching license?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | General Education Law, Teacher Defense, Teacher License Defense

Many teachers indicate that the profession is more than a job: It is a calling. A teacher faced with suspension and subsequent loss of a license may not know what to do next.

Understanding a few reasons this may occur may help prevent and defend against it.

What is the instructor teaching?

Recent legislation in Florida caused a stir throughout the state’s education system. The bill sought to ban teachers from presenting certain elementary school children with gender identity and orientation information. The same law also prohibits teachers from giving instruction revolving around race relations. The law indicates that teachers who intentionally teach these issues may lose their credentials.

Did a teacher do something outside of the classroom?

Sometimes a personal life is not always so. A criminal charge of any kind may endanger a teacher’s credentials. However, committing a crime against a student or even on school grounds may mean the suspension and loss of a teaching license is more likely. Simply facing these charges may cause the district to suspend the accused.

Are the reported credentials correct?

Embellishing a resume or application may rise to fraud. When a teacher indicates knowledge or experience in something the school later finds is not valid, it may result in suspension and further investigation. Fraud also extends to aiding students in cheating. If a teacher helps a student by giving him or her the answers and an unfair advantage, it may result in immediate consequences for the instructor.

The loss of a teaching certificate may result in the end of a career and livelihood. Assistance in finding out viable options is critical during this time.