What are the rights of children with autism in school?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Special Education Law

Children in Florida and throughout the country who have autism have the right to a variety of educational services. They are legally protected to get the same opportunities as any other kid. If you are looking into public education for your child, you should know the rights afforded to them.

The right to public education

Children with autism and other special needs have the right to a free public education that’s appropriate for their age, grade and learning level. By law, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) requires all states to provide children with a public education tailored to their needs. Autism qualifies under the Act and allows for special education. Parents should advocate for their children to ensure that they get the education they need to excel.

When a child has autism, they need the appropriate free and appropriate education learning opportunity. This might mean the child needs the least restrictive environment to ensure that they are able to share classes with children who don’t have disabilities.

Early intervention services

IDEA gives children with autism and other disabilities grants for early intervention programs, which can help them before they reach the age of three. The purpose of the program is to focus on a child’s special needs while minimizing the impact of their disability on their development. Things included are behavioral, language, speech and occupational therapy. With early intervention, the child’s family can also get counseling to help them adjust.

Special education services

Special education services are available when the child passes their third birthday. The Individualized Education Program is available to explain the child’s specific needs, strengths and weaknesses and determine their educational goals and objectives and how they will be met.

With the right options, children with autism can do well in school and have a positive educational experience.