Why students with disabilities still face challenges at school

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Special Education Law

Students with disabilities in Florida face many challenges in the education system. Unfortunately, they are often not given the same opportunities as their nondisabled peers and it’s important to understand how this happens.

Poor Communication

One of the most significant problems facing students with disabilities is a lack of communication between school personnel, parents and the student. This can result in a feeling of isolation and frustration for the student. There are several reasons why communication breakdowns occur. First, different people may have different ideas about what constitutes a disability. For example, a parent may believe that their child has a disability, but the school may not agree. Second, there are often different interpretations of education laws, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which can lead to confusion about what services and accommodations a student is entitled to.

Lack of Individualized Education Plans(IEPs)

Individualized Education Plans are supposed to be created for every student with a disability, but this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, schools fail to create an IEP because they don’t think a student has a disability. Other times, schools may not have the resources to create an IEP or provide the services it requires. This can leave students with disabilities at a disadvantage, as they may not be receiving the education and support they need to succeed.

Inadequate Funding

Schools often do not have enough money to provide the resources and services that students with disabilities need. This can be a result of inadequate funding from state and federal governments, as well as a lack of private donations. This lack of funding can lead to large class sizes, insufficient special education services and a lack of support for parents.

If you think your child isn’t receiving the education they’re entitled to, first, try to communicate with the school personnel to see if the problem can get resolved informally. If that doesn’t work, you can file a complaint with the state education department or file for Due Process. This refers to a legal process that helps to resolve disputes about special education services. It’s important to advocate for your child and ensure they’re receiving the education they deserve.