What is education law

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | General Education Law

Florida and all other states have education laws to set up children for a successful future, where they can take care of themselves. You could homeschool your children if you don’t want them to attend a formal school. However, you’ll need to officially inform the superintendent and follow a few other rules.


Florida education law stipulates that children ages 6–16 must receive formal education, whether that’s attending school or going through homeschooling. If a child younger than 16 earns a high school diploma, they no longer have to go to school.

Florida superintendents might initiate the criminal prosecution process on parents if they don’t enroll their children in school or inform them about homeschooling. You’ll need the district superintendent to sign a certificate of exception to avoid litigation against you. Florida education law also requires that you renew the certificate on an annual basis.

When a public school student turns 16, they would need to file a declaration to terminate school enrollment to legally stop attending school. They also have to attend an exit interview with a school personnel.


When you homeschool your child in Florida, your child needs to undergo an annual assessment. You must also notify the superintendent in your district and maintain records and materials. Types of available homeschooling in Florida include private tutor, private school umbrella program and homeschool statute. If you choose a private tutor, the individual you hire must have a valid Florida certificate to teach the curriculum that your child needs. Parents, however, don’t need certification if they want to homeschool their own children.

Florida offers options for parents who don’t want their children to go through the standard schooling process. However, there are still certain procedures you must follow to prevent the superintendent from initiating a lawsuit against you. Always check the law to make sure you meet the necessary requirements.