Gaining certification as foreign graduate or non-citizen

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Foreign-trained applicants follow four steps to certification for issuance in Pompano Beach, Florida, and the rest of the state. The first step explains the fees and requirements for the completion of certificates. The initial application package includes the form and official documentation of degrees and credits. The Application with Foreign Academic Training lists details for acceptable documentation of degrees and credits outside of the US.

Online certification Application Form

Any applicant with a valid US territory or state mailing address and Social Security number should submit the Online Certification Application Form. Under education law, applicants without valid addresses and social security numbers may also submit the Online Certification Application Form. The Florida Educator’s Certificate requires a valid Social Security number from the US Social Security Administration.

Immigration status

Noncitizens can submit the Complete Application Packet to receive an official statement of their status of eligibility. Before employment at an elementary or secondary school, an applicant needs appropriate immigration status. A noncitizen should establish immigration status through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Bureau of Educator Certification only handles education and won’t help with immigration status. After approval of education employment, people need to submit the appropriate immigration verification.

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations have multiple certification tests, but the Official Statement of Status Eligibility lists the requirements. The Testing Administrator submits passing scores to the Bureau of Educator Certification. The Bureau of Educator Certification accepts passing scores with valid US Social Security numbers.

Departments use Social Security numbers to maintain certifications and personal records. The Department of Revenue can have your Social Security number for child support enforcement. Without a valid US state or territory Social Security number, the Educator Certification can’t issue a Florida Educator’s Certification. A person with a valid Social Security number needs to pay fees and have fingerprints taken for security reasons.