How do you obtain a 504 plan in Florida?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2021 | General Education Law

Schools that receive federal funding for programs and activities must provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. With a 504 plan, you list what accommodations your student needs. However, to obtain a 504 plan, you’ll need to work with a Coordinator.

Contact the 504 Coordinator

To create a 504 plan, you must send a written request to your area’s 504 Coordinator. You can ask your school for this person’s contact information. The 504 Coordinator will evaluate your student and put together a plan based on his or her needs.

Provide current medical records

Your school and the 504 Coordinator need to review current medical records to determine if your child is eligible. They may also conduct additional evaluations during the screening phase to confirm your child is eligible for a 504 plan. School officials must help you if you don’t have current medical currents.

Each school district will have a process for initial evaluations and periodic reevaluations to assess eligibility. Education law requires that they use a variety of sources in the evaluation process.

Attend the 504 plan meeting

After the school confirms your child is eligible, it schedules a 504 plan meeting. The 504 Coordinator, a school administration representative, guidance counselors and teachers may attend the meeting. Before the meeting, you should write down what accommodations your child needs to make sure that you don’t forget to bring up anything important.

You can request a draft 504 plan worksheet that you can fill out before the meeting. The worksheet helps you become aware of what accommodations your child needs. It also describes what kind of process you can expect. You can consult with a physician, psychologist and other relevant medical professionals for additional guidance on what accommodations your child needs.

Read everything before signing

As with any legal document, read everything before signing it. You want to double-check the final 504 plan draft to confirm all the agreements are in it.

Obtaining a 504 plan in Florida is a straightforward process, although it will take some time because school officials must verify your child’s eligibility and conduct a meeting with you. Thus, you’ll want to contact the 504 Coordinator as soon as possible to get the process started.